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Default Re: Jack Thompson's at it again!

Originally Posted by acrh2
All they can do is pass a bill prohibiting sales of violent games to minors. Which is ok, imo. I would have cared maybe 15-20 years ago, but not now.
Anything more would be a violation of the first amendment.
My issue with this is that this doesn't help the main issue... bad parents. There are countless parents who buy any game for their child, no matter the rating. I mean, When I worked at EB I told a parent directly that Silent Hill 2 is extremely gory and violent and no child should play it... what did the mother do? Cursed me out for questioning her decision... I can give plenty of other examples of such horrible parenting.

This bill only reflects the retail stores, it still does not store poor parenting. If they allow such a bill it should be like Alcohol and cigarettes. If you sell or aid in the purchase of them for a minor, you will be punished... not just the retail store/worker.
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