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Default Re: Lower detail distance for ATI cards?

Originally Posted by weeds
When a app asks for one thing but recieves something else, that usually points to the driver, but not always. Driver bug, game bug, it sure doesnt make for the best image quality.

I see no one with pitchforks and torches, some people would like to know whats going on thats all. As far as people makeing comments with no info to back them up, there are screenshots from 3 reputable reviewers that all show the same thing. You can bet your ass if 1 single Nvidia screenshot showed something like this let alone screens from 3 reviews the top thread in every forum that has a video card section or game section would be Nvidia Cheating...
Thanks for the info. What version of the drivers were y'all using for the ATI cards? If you're not using the betas sent to reviewers I guess that rules out the possibility that it's the beta drivers causing the card to not be recognized.

I also didn't realize other reviewers had seen the same thing.
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