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Default Re: Its out in Australia..

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
Just watch the preview video, there was a thread posted about it. If after watching that you still compare the two, it's because you want to. Which, frankly, it's fairly obvious that everyone here wants to shoot this one down before it even gets off the ground.

What? Quake 4 doesn't wash my clothes and drive my kids to school while I play? WORST GAME EV4R!!
really do you have a problem with me? All I did was state my opinion and I'm trying to be as polite as possible with you, but man are you always this rude? I'm not trying to shoot down anything, but i still get blasted.

I did see that video, it looks like Doom 3. Not even a slight variation, thats why i asked politely if you could post up a pic for me.

The other disappointment is the fact that no bots are coming with the game. Its a serious flaw to the game and a big mistake.

I will more than likely still buy it. I'm sure the gameplay will be truely awesome online(as quake 3 was). I never called it the worst game ever as I havent played it... obviously. Jeez calm down guys. I'm sorry talking about a game offends you so bad. I'd hate to see how you react to something thats actually important in life
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