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Default Re: Its out in Australia..

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
really do you have a problem with me? All I did was state my opinion and I'm trying to be as polite as possible with you, but man are you always this rude? I'm not trying to shoot down anything, but i still get blasted.
There's nothing personal about it, and no I have no problem with you. I don't understand how you would feel that I do. I'm arguing against your unfounded and premature criticism of the game.
Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
I did see that video, it looks like Doom 3. Not even a slight variation, thats why i asked politely if you could post up a pic for me.
OK. I mean, there's no reasoning with that. I will restate, if you think it looks like Doom 3, it's because you WANT to. After seeing the trenches, outdoor vehicles, and the entire opening sequence, you would have to be stretching reality to say it looks like Doom 3.
Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
The other disappointment is the fact that no bots are coming with the game. Its a serious flaw to the game and a big mistake.
Again I don't see why this is a big deal. The only other Quake game that had bots was Quake 3 and that was only because it was a multiplayer-only game. F.E.A.R. doesn't have bots, do you hold that against it? How about Call of Duty 2? Or Far Cry?
Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
I will more than likely still buy it. I'm sure the gameplay will be truely awesome online(as quake 3 was). I never called it the worst game ever as I havent played it... obviously. Jeez calm down guys. I'm sorry talking about a game offends you so bad. I'd hate to see how you react to something thats actually important in life
There's nothing offensive about what you're saying. However if you're going to bash something before you have even seen it and are obviously predisposed towards criticizing it you're going to have to expect to catch some flak over it.

This game is a victim of its insane hype just like every other game that gets this kind of attention. Unrealistic and unreasonable expectations that are impossible to meet will always provide you with disappointment.
Originally Posted by acrh2
Not really. It wasn't my intention to sound like I was disappointed. I was just making an observation.
To me personally, the graphics in the multiplayers maps don't mean jack because I will be turning them down to minimum, with the highest picmip allowed by pro gaming organizations and no bumpmaps. This game is the next gen professional platform, which I intent to play with my clan in the pro events to follow this year and the next. After all, though inactive at present, I am still a member in the best north american q3 clan, .
Ah, I see. Well as a self-professed fanboy it is my duty to be overly defensive about the game.
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