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Default Re: A bunch of *worrying* new Oblivion screens

Originally Posted by sAnt@
I know i would be pissed off, if my 2000€ pc is getting beaten out by 400€ console.
Donīt forget the $1000 (at least) for a HDTV and the console isnīt that cost effective anymore. Also I didnīt spend $2000 on my PC, CPU+Mobo $250, Ram $130, GFX $250, HD $50 = $680. Itīs not a high-end PC but I can still play all current games at my prefered settings and I have lots of fun with them and I can do tons of other things with my PC.

I donīt hate consoles, but I definitly prefer PC. Iīm looking forward to see the new Xbox in person, and I have to admit that the hypemachine did partly succeed because right now Iīm interested in buying one IF it really delivers what the hypemachine wants to make us believe. However, I donīt trust it unless I experience it myself and enjoy a game at least as much as on PC.

Back to topic, did anyone else notice that the russian site removed the "ugly" pictures? Seems like Beth. gave them fire under their asses. lol
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