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Default Re: Its out in Australia..

Originally Posted by Tygerwoody
hmm sorry, I forgot. I must be lost. I thought i was in the Quake 4 forum where we discuss all aspects of Quake 4. Reviews/Screenshots/Videos/Rumors. Sorry can someone please move this thread because apparently we aren't posting in the right place. This thread needs to be moved to the "testing" forum because this game isn't out and therefor we can't talk about it. The entire Quake 4 forum should be locked as well because noone should speak about the game til it comes out. Sorry to inconvenience you.
LOL man go back and read what you posted...the language you used was very clear in its intent. "The game is a big disappoinment." "What about the game is ANY different from Doom 3", etc. Sure sounded like something that could only be said by someone who's played it, you know? We then responded and you complained about how we disagreed with you. Starting to sound like Jack Thompson (kidding, it's a joke, don't take it personally).
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