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Default Re: Its out in Australia..

Originally Posted by Ninjaman09
LOL, what do you want them to have? Capes with the underwear on the outside? Pink leotards? Clown outfits? Give me a break dude the guys are supposed to be army folks and if you look closely their uniforms don't resemble those in Doom 3 very much at all (except for maybe the color scheme). As for "more outside and better lighting"...well what else did you want? It's the Doom 3 engine after all, it's going to bear at least SOME similarity, just like Prey or Quake Wars.
LoL no I love the Doom 3 engine. I think the Doom 3 engine looks great! Quake 4 looks great!!! I swear i think the fact that the uniforms are the same is why I (as well as others) think the two games look the same. Well that and alot of the textures are the same. And all the inside zones are the same. Oh and The health/ammo layout looks the same. And the fact you get healed the same way seems the same. Other than that they are two completely different games.

edit: I remember from early Quake 4 screenshots the game looked alot different. Like that guy with the gun for an arm. That was cool
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