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Default Re: A bunch of *worrying* new Oblivion screens

Originally Posted by lmetza
I cant see the 360 version running slower and not looking as good. It pretty much is comparible to a high end gaming rig at the moment. Normally consoles games better then PC's. Im pretty confident they will have the game running better then it does on a PC, and looking just as good, if not nearly as good. Remember they arent forcing AA and AF and extreem resolutions. IF a PC user ran their game at 800x600, No AA and no AF it would run better then the console version, because thats what the console pretty much runs it at, xbox maybe a higher res. Now if you output that to a TV it will look just fine, you will only notice the lack of AA and AF on a monitor, but not a TV. But dont expect to be able to crank you settings, 4xAA 16xAF Max details, 1600x1200 and get 30+fps all over the oblivion world, i wouldent expect to even be able to do that.
See, I would think this too, but I remember playing Halo on the XBox and having it run like total crap, especially on some Slayer maps.

I dont tend to take performance for granted, especially with consoles. Generally, people arent as picky about framerates in console games... there are some games that I wouldnt even consider playable, yet everyone else loved them.

Im not a game developer, I cant explain it, maybe its an optimization thing... a lot of console games just run like crap and you cant turn any settings down to fix it.
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