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Default Re: Its out in Australia..

Well the gameplay looks to be different by a good amount. Doom 3 was more of walk.... "oh no there is a monster on my back" *pull out gun, shoot, turn back on flashlight* walk for about another minute... rinse and repeat. Doom 3 was alot of "stop and go traffic" i guess you could say. Quake 4 definitely looks way different. Which is a good thing. I just hope it is just as fast paced multiplayer as Quake 3. When those idiots jump around like bunnies, i don't want it to slow them down. Really when someone jumps in CS because it drops their speed by so much, it causes the person whose targetting the "bunny" to have their aim predictions to be off. Let the bunnies jump at full speed, while i pick them off with my rail gun.
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