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Default Re: Cannot get 1920x1200 on D800 (wrong virtual size)

OK - I got it working at full resolution! The problem appears to have been bad(?) desktop files. I deleted all the following files and forced the system to re-create them:


It appears that my /etc/X11/xorg.conf was OK after all (after a lot of tweaking). The strange part is that the /var/log/Xorg.0.log first said it was in 1920x1200 mode, then switched later to 1280x1024. I now believe that something in the /.dt or other files was causing this switch back from max resolution. Trying to change the resolution via JDE preferences (Launch -> Preferences -> Desktop Preferences -> Display -> Screen Resolution) did not show an option larger than 1280x1024, though. So, I was perplexed and found the answer only by luck. Everything is working great now.

Alan Thompson
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