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Default Linux driver compile script incomplete

I am using Mandrake linux 8.1 (and 9.0)
I downloaded the source for the 4191 version of the kernel and GLX drivers.

I ensured that my kernel headers and kernel version were in-sync.

I compiled the kernel and GLX drivers and
they installed flawlessly.

They worked perfectly too. Until I rebooted the

Somehow the scripts that are supposed to modify the module loading part of linux did not do that. The proper files get modified fine if you use the Stock rpm's, but when you compile them youself the next time you boot the nvidia driver hasn't been loaded.

I added a line myself in the /etc/modules file to load nvidia and now everything boots up fine.

Another thing that I noticed. In the
directory all of the modules in this directory are zipped with gzip, except the nvidia.o
file. Perhaps the compile script should add a gzip to this file before copying it to the
drivers directory. Just to be consistant with all of the other drivers. Just a thought.
It works fine unzipped, but the rest of the drivers on the system are gzipped and the kernel module loading system knows how to unzip, so why not. (unless some linux versions don't have this feature, then I would understand).
Thanks for supporting the Linux community with drivers (nvidia), we really appreciate your dedication and hard work!
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