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Default Re: Madden 2006 SLI issues anyone?

Try editing the c:\windows\system32\nvapps.xml file using wordpad and remove the Madden profile that is there. Create it from scratch. One of the guys in this thread had issues until he did that. Be sure to backup the nvapps file before modifying it just in case you want to restore things later.

Basically, all I had to do was force SFR in the 78.xx drivers for it to work properly. With the 81.84 betas, it works perfectly and much faster in the AFR mode (the recommended mode).

There may be some new drivers released soon (I'm not sure if they're going to be beta or official) so you could wait for those if you don't want to give the 81.84 betas a shot.

The 81.84s are great for SLI since you can enable/disable it without rebooting and if you have two displays connected, you can choose where you want the game to run when using SLI. But, there is an annoying mouse cursor issue you have to put up with. It doesn't always change back to the proper pointer until you click something.
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