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Default Re: Lower detail distance for ATI cards?

Originally Posted by weeds
Ive been all through HL2 trying to get rid of my stutter since the 9/23 update
and unless there is some hidden settings I cant see it appears Catalyst is giveing 1200 when HL2 is asking for 1600 on the x1800 and x800-850, Or to be fair it could be valves wonderful codeing skills at work. My screens on x850xt show the same as Rage3d's screens. (I cant speak for x1800 as I cant test that one myself) but the screens point to it running the same path as x8xx.
If it is something that is happening on Valve's end, shouldn't we be able to use something like 3danalyze to fool the game into thinking it's running on a X850XT (does the app provide a code for the X850s)?

If the issue is ATI drivers overriding the 1600 and using 1200, I'm not sure what we can do.
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