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Default Re: A bunch of *worrying* new Oblivion screens

True UE3 was running off a PC at E3, that was a dev kit with Dual 2.5Ghz G5's and Two 6800U's, it's also true that the engine was optimized (to a degree) for that setup at that point in time too. I might be wrong, but I find it very difficult to believe that a current PC could run GoW *well* at the quality it is at on the 360 right now. I would say it's safe to assume that UE3 will run beautifully on nVidia's 8xxx series, should it support DX10. PGR3 probably could run on something similar to a 7800GTX, maybe SLI'd *if* you wrote directly for it. If the game was running off an engine designed for all cards and PC's in mind, that would still be a dream.
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