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Default Re: Lower detail distance for ATI cards?

Originally Posted by weeds
Ive been all through HL2 trying to get rid of my stutter since the 9/23 update and unless there is some hidden settings I cant see it appears Catalyst is giveing 1200 when HL2 is asking for 1600 on the x1800 and x800-850, Or to be fair it could be valves wonderful codeing skills at work. My screens on x850xt show the same as Rage3d's screens. (I cant speak for x1800 as I cant test that one myself) but the screens point to it running the same path as x8xx. Some may think Ratchet made a mistake or it only happens with his setup, but my screens show the same thing. Also digit-life, their screens on x1800 and x850 show the same thing, missing landscape. Fireing Squad's screens show the same as well. When a app asks for one thing but recieves something else, that usually points to the driver, but not always. Driver bug, game bug, it sure doesnt make for the best image quality.
Agreed but no one seems to reproduce the 1200 setting that was brought up earlier as far as I can see.

Notice around the center island (where the benches are) missing bushes and grass on x850, x1800.

look at the screens withs vegetation in the distance for the x1800.
Neither of those articles makes any mention of missing items on one or the other card, only referring to the AA quality and saying, from what I gathered, that both did things similarly. I don't see either article saying that Ati is hacking the image. The pictures themselves don't show a discernible difference.


I see the bush cropping you are pointing out. Have to toggle between them several times to see it.

I see no one with pitchforks and torches, some people would like to know whats going on thats all. As far as people makeing comments with no info to back them up, there are screenshots from 3 reputable reviewers that all show the same thing. You can bet your ass if 1 single Nvidia screenshot showed something like this let alone screens from 3 reviews the top thread in every forum that has a video card section or game section would be Nvidia Cheating...
Perhaps people would be jumping all over for nvidia cheating, I don't know.

I pointed out simply that after the first post in this thread, the next few comments were based w/o facts and were simply attacking either valve or ati.

I posted default shots and there is no difference in quality and subsequenctly others posted the same thing. The links you posted also don't show a difference in quality that the reputed reviewers brought up.

As can clearly be seen from my screenshots, in HL2, distance from objects does lead to some items not being rendered (detail dist or draw dist or whatever it is) so I am going to try and take a couple of shots in the same position as you and see why there is a discrepency.

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