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Default Re: PCGamer quake4 Scans;22229

Here's a snip:

Over the course of its 15-year existence, developer Raven Software has been pushing the boundaries. It raised the bar (or lowered it, depending on your view) for hyper realistic gore with Soldier of Fortune and went where no developer had gone before with Star Trek: Elite Force - not just one of the best Trek games ever made, but also one of the best shooters released in 2000. One of its few non-shooter efforts, X-Men Legends, has become the best selling X-Men game ever. And no list of Raven winners would be complete without its collaborations with id Software, most notably the Heretic and Hexen franchises.

So why is it that Quake 4, Raven's recent teaming with id, plays it very, very safe? A solid shooter, it's nonetheless a throwback to a time before Half-Life and Half-Life 2, Call of Duty, and Far Cry - an era in shooters when all you needed was a big gun and an even bigger boss monster to aim it at. And unlike other Recent "retro" shooters like Painkiller and Serious Sam, Quake 4 doesn't offer inventive level designs, unique flair, or a budget price tag.

But there is one boundary it pushes: How much you're willing to pay for a 10-hour retread campaign and bot-less Quake III-style multiplay.


Final Verdict:

Highs - Loads of action; gruesome visuals; Q3DM17 with Doom 3 graphics
Lows - Uninspired gameplay; Stroggification plot twist goes nowhere; no multiplayer bots.
Bottom line - This old-school shooter suffers from a lack of 21st-century game design.
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