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Originally Posted by |MaguS|
Don't always run on the same code that the final gold version does, even then a new bug can be introduced upon it going gold. No game is ever bug free... you can't test every situation and ever configuration possible.
Fine, but when a beta/demo is released this close to the game going gold and coming out, it's probably pretty safe to assume the code is going to be very similar if not exactly the same.

And look at the list of fixes. These aren't small bugs that affect only certain setups, especially some of the multiplayer things. Those are things on their end that shouldn't have made it past beta/demo.

Aside from BF2 (I think) and maybe SCCT, I can't think of any other games that had patches out before the game was even out.

It just really makes them look bad, I think. Yeah, they're "keeping on top of the community," but, the game isn't out yet. And if it necessitated a patch before the game is released, it must mean that the bugs are pretty significant.

You can argue about it all you want, but did Doom3 have a patch out pre-release? What about FarCry, WC3, UT2k4...same circumstances/situations that Monolith are facing: millions of computers, no two exactly alike, yet they were able to put off patching for weeks or months after release. So those excuses don't really apply as far as I'm concerned.
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