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Originally Posted by marqmajere
Would you rather buy the game and wait on a patch to fix your troubles? Myself, I like the fact that they fixed the problems before I pick up my copy. Now I can play the game without the bugs the second I start it up.
I'd rather not have to patch the second I install the game period. As I already stated: this is not the norm for any game, besides an MMO.

If these were very specific things like, users with a 9600XT and 512MB RAM on a P4 2.8GHz w/HT enabled...or something, then it would be different. These things should've been caught well before release. It makes them look bad, I think.

You aren't going to change my mind on this. I would be saying this about any game that had a patch out before release. It just makes it look like the rushed it to the door and the game wasn't complete. I don't appreciate that. I don't turn in papers and tests at school only 70% complete and then the next week issue an addedum with the remaining work. It's not acceptable. So why do we allow this to happen?
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