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Originally Posted by marqmajere
We allow this to happen because every game has patches for it. This one got them out the door before the game is "officially" released. Now we wont have to wait on fixes that would otherwise take a week or more to get to us. FEAR would have gotten patches just like EVERY OTHER GAME. In this case, they had thier s**t together to fix a problem before it was supposed to hit shelves.

You want to give examples? Sure. I'd rather fix my cars brakes before they give out on the road. Not after they die on me and I'm left in a ditch.
So, with the car brake analogy, what you're saying is that you expect games to deteriorate over time and require patches in order to keep running an at acceptable level? Sorry, that doesn't really work. It's not as though you bought the brakes but found out they were only 80% complete and you'd have to take them in order to be completed because the manufacturer wanted to rush them to the shelves to start making money before completing their product.
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