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Default Re: Laser gaming mice suck (firsthand report).

Here's a couple more reasons why one shouldn't buy a G5:

1) It has one less button compared to mx518. The web "forward" button. I can't imagine a sinlge reason for them to remove it.
2) The mouse wheel is ridiculously large and stiff compared to mx518's. Oh it's so uncomfortable to press and hold.
3) Even with all the weights and the weight cartridge out, G5 weighs more than the mx518. Not good for those who prefer lighter mice.
4) Teflon pads. Teflon is soft as hell. I can't imagine these pads lasting more than 6 months in heavy use. I hope they sell replacement pads.
5) Sensor position. Mx518 has a sensor placed perfectly in the middle between one's thumb and the ring finger. G5 has the sensor roughly 3/4 of an inch to the side from that perfect position.
6) The molded sides of G5 have a different shape from mx518. The fingers, with which you hold the mouse, are then positioned slightly lower on the G5. Since I was used to the mx518, the mouse seemed quite a bit taller and "in the way" of my hand. One could probably get used to that in a while though.

Gimmicky features of G5:
1) The superior 2000dpi. Well, I couldn't really tell the difference between 2000dpi of G5 and 1600dpi of mx518 with forced 500Hz poll rate. I used to play quake1/2/3 games semi-professionally, and I think I should be able to tell.
2) The superior textured sides for nonslip grip. This is why I bought the mouse in the first place. It didn't seem to offer much better grip than the completely smooth but rubbery grip of mx518. It may be of use to some people though, as this is my opionion only.
3) Adjustable weight cartridge. Most people who mod their mice, try to make them lighter. Would only be usable to those who want to make their mice heavier.
4) Some may call the paint scheme stylish. I call it a step backwards, compared to mx510 and mx518's paint designs.

Nice features of G5:
1) Very nice cord, slightly longer than the mx518's.
2) The same sensitivity regardless of application. Mx518 has a sensitivity problem. It may have different sensitivity under exact same settings depending on whether an app is using directx or direct access to mouse hardware. This can be fixed in quake/doom3 games by adjusting the in_mouse to -1 (or 1, depending on particular game). But not all games support this. So, in some games the mouse ends up quite a bit more sensitive than what you expected, and you need to REALLY lower the sens in game options.
This issue has been completely fixed in G5, or so it seems. And that's nice.
3) Tilt wheel can be nice for those who like to scroll horizontally.
4) Overall precision of the mouse is very nice, aside from the nasty negative acceleration bug.

Overall, considering the price difference, the hardware bug with negative acceleration (maybe fixable in software/firmware updates), and for all the reasons mentioned above, I cannot recommend G5 to anyone at this point in time.
So, stay away.
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