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Default Request for comments on...

I know this post is going to look a little deceptive, and if the Mods would rather that this thread is purely for posts on experiences, I'd totally be happy for them to delete it. That said, I was wondering if I could make a couple requests of those who do get the game first - Basically I'd like to know a couple things, or your thoughts about them, being that I have to wait until Friday until it's released in my slightly small country:

1. Do Gladiators make a proud return? I've not seen any in screenshots, but I'm hoping they'll actually be in the game (they were my favourite enemy... y'know... the big guys with Robot Legs, a massive knife and a Railgun who made that crazy cry and then charged.)
2. What's the soundtrack like? I've not yet seen much about the music present in the game. Is it orchestral? Rock-y like in Q2? Etc...
3. Does it feel like Quake 2 at all? Or totally different? Obviously the squad dynamic is going to change the gameplay, but does it have that awesome Quake 2 "feel"?

Cheers in advance to any who answer!

EDIT: 1 Additional question for anyone who views this later and gets the game early - Can you still change your character's handedness? It was always nice for us lefties to be able to put the gun on the left. Y'know... just kinda cool.
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