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Default Re: *** Official Quake 4 Feedback Thread ***

Ok, i feel the vains in my forehead throbbing blood through it as i read quake 4 mp will have only 9 maps?? 9 maps... niiiiiine maps... God, im gonna hate the single player campain because of this. Lol, just kidding, but 9 maps arnt much at all and will get boring very fast... usually 2 or 3 maps will be crapp.. so that will leave 6 kewl maps... yay... ID should have made quake 4..

Since the quake community always has have a hard time setting up custom maps servers...(Doom 3 has a few with like 3 custums maps that arnt impressive.. same goes for quake 3 dm, not counting full mod servers that are always empty..) so i can see the Quake 4 mp communtity will be very short lived.

Dont get me wrong i loved quake 3, but this game seems to be a downgrade except for the graphics. Ill still be picking it up nontheless.. hehe.
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