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If you've got Kazza Lite installed, their little "Super Trick" can cause long loading times of webpages and stuff like that. I had one instance where the screenshots from GameSpot News wouldn't even load and most of the websites I visited on a daily basis looked like ass to boot.

Uninstalled Kazza Lite, Reinstalled it (without the super trickery)
then installed Pop-Up Stopper to compensate. Nary a problem since. BTW, NvNews doesn't use pop-up ads that I'm aware of - just banner ads that are embedded in the mainpage. So if anyone's getting pop-up ads shilling diplomas or online casinos when they visit here, then it's sign of potential spyware (or Windows XPs "Messenger" service) may be running rampant on your rig.

For the record, WinXPs "Messenger" service is NOT the same thing as MSN Messenger.
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