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Default Re: *** Official Quake 4 Feedback Thread ***

Okay, so here is my $0.02

My setup:

P4 2.4C (Northwood) at 2.8 (was 3.0 but upgrading to 2GB RAM I had to cut back on the speed some to stablize it)
865 based board
6800 GT (AGP) at 390/1.05
2GB (4*512) Corsair VS PC 3200
SB Live Value
74GB Raptor
81.84v2 XG drivers
Dell 2005FPW

Well, I had to tweak the .cfg settings to get native res with my monitor, but after that I used the following in game settings:

Textures: High
Everything else on/max
AA*2 AF*4
V-synch on

With all that, my gameplay is SMOOTH. Even the outside at the very beggining, I noticed no pause/stutter. Only played through the first level, but no slowdown with combat that I noticed. Absolutley STUNNING visuals. Runs right in the Q2 vein of gameplay. In MY opinion, runs better than D3 (then again I also have added 1GB more RAM since then so who knows).

Anywho, back to playing!!!
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