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Default Re: *** Official Quake 4 Feedback Thread ***

Originally Posted by Brimstone7
Just picked up the game and my initial impressions are that it's great. I'm one of the few people that actually LIKED Doom 3 (and played through it 3 or so times) but this game just blows Doom right out of the water.

First up, the feel of the weapons is great. I always hated Doom 3's machine gun because it just felt weak. The machinegun here sounds great and appears to do a whole lot of damage. Yes, there is reloading but it's done very quickly. You can also get upgrades to increase clip size. There is no reloading in multiplayer thankfully.

The squadmates definately add to the entire experience. It's not just Doom 3 with a few guys following you around like that spider robot. Squadmates come and go all the time, give you health and armor (sometimes weapons), and they're accurate enough that they actually help out.

I'm only a few missions into the game but so far the single player campaign is more than I hoped for. Unlike Doom 3, which gives you arbitrary objectives just to keep you busy, the objectives here are more meaningful. I suppose that they are just "get from point A to point B" or "find red keycard" in some sense but they actually fit in with the story. For example, in order to get past one door, instead of finding a keycard, you load up a huge laser and melt it down.

I don't have much experience with the multiplayer yet but the game physics do appear to be different than the single player and tuned towards creating a Quake 3 type experience. Player movement is faster, you can jump higher and farther, no reloading, etc. Runs blazingly fast as well.

All in all there is no way this game deserved a 70% rating. Normally I wouldn't care about the ratings but PCGamer carries a lot of weight and their review will undoubtedly turn off a lot of potential gamers. Quake 4 is fast, fluid, has a very passable storyline, and most importantly is just plain fun. I only wish they released a demo so the non-believers can see that it's not just Doom 3.5.
One of the best user reviews yet, nice
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