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Originally posted by Nemesis77
You are late, they already did that. 3DMark2002 used MAX-FX, the Max Payne engine. I have no knowledge what 3DMark2003 uses though.
Close enough... there was no 3DMark2002, I assume you mean 2001.

But the thing is, all previous 3DMarks have used Max-FX! Futuremark formerly Mad Onion formerly Futuremark was started as an offshoot from Remedy, the developers of Max Payne! They use the same tech, and AFAIK 3DMark03 uses the next generation of the Max-FX engine.

I don't get these people who say it isn't representative of real-world performance. It uses a real-world game engine with game scenes that look exactly like a game to me, maybe I'm missing something. Just because you can't move the camera doesn't change much. In fact, 3DMark2001 Pro came with a game you could play, the first game test with the car in it was playable!

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