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Originally posted by jbirney

just because a small part of the engine of max is in there it does not even come close to real world perfomace.

If you can remember the good ol Kyro2. In 3dmark2001 it lost big time to the GF2 cards (usally about 1000 pts behind stock GF2). Yet in Max Payne it usally was faster. How in the world does a card using a same engine provide such different results?
Because scenes in MP had more overdraw than scenes in 3DMark? Because Kyro wasn't as good with polygons? There could be numerous reason. People are demanding that 3DMark must use real-life game-engine. It does. But now people are demanding that it must also use identical scenes than in some games?

The point is that the game-tests in 3DMark (Dragothic, Lobby, Race) could very well be from a "real" game. They are not "ungame"-like, they are like real games. And they are done using real game-engine. Of course there is variation
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