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Part of the purpose of the 3DMark benchmarks is to test the cards in scenarios that they might be used for in the forseeable future, and not for older games or even so much for present games. That's why many of the scenes wow everyone, but also why it tends to not correlate very well with the games we're playing right now too. That, and the fact that not many people choose to use the same engine for their games anyhow.

Basically, it's a decent system performance tool, to help decide what tweaks are doing and allow better optimization of components / drivers / etc. If you have a specific favorite game that you are interested in, don't bother with the synthetic 'futuristic' benchmarks, just use that game for your benchmarks. (I do this with UT2003 now, since it's about the only game other than the original UT that I play any more.)
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