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Default Re: City of heroes to get dual core support

yea I've read about the DualCore support.its advertised with Intel Dual-Core cpus though.whats the use of that?the game is running super fast already.
I dont know maybe AMD DualCore users will be left out.

they also said CoV is going to support AGEIA!
I dont know if bouncing crates/explosion sparkles for the extent that CoH is gonna use them actually need a dedicated chip .(FEAR already does that with no PPU)the sparkle bouncing was shown in the CoV bank robbery clip and it wasnt that much intensive at all.

basically they say CoH issue 6 and 7 are going to take use of visual enhancements that CoV is supposed to ship with.(wich are meh to me anyway)

they did add water ripples and higher detailed models for the enemies.IMO visual enhancements stop there.what they need to do is getting rid of lowres textures,elimintaing the repititive feel that is there with their zones and indoor maps and getting rid of the incorrect shadow castings.

but as long as you can stay interested in the game,it's fun.

for instance it has one of the best power (aka skill,spell) casting animations/visuals I've ever seen.

I still drool over how great it looks and how fluent it renders when you aim/build up Nova 30 freakshows.wooohoo 30 knockbacks with all the visual effects,it rocks when the Blue bomb goes off! if you know how to nuke in derek map people wont let you go offline for hours to come.(btw I guess derek has been nerfed or herding in general)

one good thing is that the statesman(leading man behind the CoH project) really cares for his game,I often see him loggin in reading and answering posts.but its so painful that the engine is getting outdated.

if you track back to where the game has been born,you'd reach GeForce4 launch event!yes Doom3 was introduced back when GF3 was launched but it had alot of future proof features in it.I guess this(CoV) is as far as CoH engine can go visually.

on a sidenote there is a very nice subscription policy for the people who play CoH.they can play both CoH and CoV paying for one of them only (15$ month).CoV looks more like a big expansion to me btw not a new game.

its been two months since I last logged in CoH.but I still have some nice builds in my mind,need to log back in again and make some nasty toons.

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