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Default Re: *** Official Quake 4 Feedback Thread ***

Originally Posted by zoomy942
i just go into the config file and add this line in the section that looks similar....

seta r_useDepthBoundsTest "1"

after you load the game, this may disappear from the cfg file, but go into the game and pull down the console by pressing crt+alt+~... and type in whats above, it should say the default is 1
Couldn't you just put +set r_useDepthBoundsTest 1 in the Target Box of the Shortcut Properties?

Just curious if all of the Doom3 commands might work on this as well. Wonder what the config file looks like too.

Wonder if you can tweak the seta image_useCache, seta image_cacheMegs, and seta image_cacheMinK like you can in Doom3?
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