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Default Re: My 7800 GTX Benchmarks

Originally Posted by RealLifePixelShader
So how can I improve my score. Besides other hardware.

And is it safe if I run my card at

GPU 499Mhz
Memory 1.4Ghz

the all the time?
Your overclock is high and might actually be making your performance worse.
Try running it at stock settings to see if it helps. I haven't tested that yet with the drivers I'm using at the moment (not sure the driver even matters) but I've had my performance plummet when overclocking a little too far. For example, going from 470 on the core to 475 actually caused my performance to drop considerably (from like 12k in 3DMark05 to around 9K). I'm not sure if it is throttling or what when that happens. So, I suggested using stock settings to see if something similar was happening to you.
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