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Default Post your LCD experiences

Let me make this a little brief until I get a little more time...

As I have mentioned on a few occasions, I'm using the Apple 22" Cinema. Overall, I really like the thing; however, the gaming experience has been a little more sour over time. The quality, in some ways, masks the performance.

I can honestly say that the issue wasn't so much in ghosting, as you typically see reported. In the end, I did some more digging and found out that the Apple display uses the LG 22" panel, and the 'official' specs place the response time around 60 ms. If you do the math, this translates to about 17 FPS (max). If you're new to LCD concepts, the display doesn't have a "refresh rate," like CRT's. Instead, you want to look @ the amount of time it takes the transistors to change their state, and this boils down to response time.

So, if the response time is 60 ms, theoretically, the display is only capable of delivering 17 frames per second...despite the fact that the system/3D card can pump out, say, 200 FPS.

The LCD that I just bought has been given rave reviews by a lot of users, particularly as it relates to gaming. Again, if you believe the specs, the 25 ms refresh rate would translate to around 40 FPS, which is @ least in the neighborhood of acceptable performance.

I'm expecting to receive the thing in the mail by Tuesday (hell, I hope it comes tomorrow!), so I will update the thread with my initial impressions.

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