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Well, I feel like a traitor for posting this here since I have an ATI card, but NV is my true love. My first card was a plain old GF256 SDR, and it worked wonderfully, and it still working wonderfully in the other system I own. Unfortunately the noise and price were just too much on the FX, nevermind the fact that I just couldn't wait any longer (I am very impatient ) so I got a 9700. Anyways here are the specs and scores:

2.53GHz Intel P4
512MB DDR 333
ATI Radeon 9700 Pro

I got 1885 3DMarks to start with, upon installing the new ATI drivers I went to 4570 3DMarks. I have to give ATI a lot of credit. I owned a 8500 and it was a POS. It was only good for TV-out and DVD, but this 9700 has been great (including games). I really hope NV does well though, cause I would really like to go back to them eventually.
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