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Default 7800GTX owners post your HL2 VST results!

just out of curiosity what sort of fps are you 7800GTX users getting in the CSS:VST (Visual Stress Test). it hasnt really improved from my old card, im now getting 176 with 1024x768 everything else on except vsync. im beggining to think theres somethng up with my system i should deffinatly be getting higher than that id think maybe i am wrong. i do know that im cpu limited.

heres my specs

Athlon64 3000+ ~2.56ghz (S754)
leadtek 7800GTX -78.03 xg- 490/1325
1GB of crucial ballistix

is that about right or should i be getting higher? i used to get around 166fps with leadtek 6800U, im guessing the source engine is very much cpu limited. help me out here i havent got the foggiest of ideas. also i got 17994 in 3dmark 03, and around 8700 in 05 are those marks good i aint bothered about benchamrks too much im just curious if my system is functioning properly as i read around here that people hit around 19500 and 9600 in those benchmarks.
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