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What the hell ??!!?!?

I just ran it and got ** 1627 ** (sorry I said 1679 earlier..I couldn't save the score as 3dmark site is totally lagged out). 3dmarks ?????? *COUGH * GASP*. Shoot me, please !

This is on a Gf4 Ti 4600 (core 320 mhz, RAM 715 mhz), and P3-S tualatin @ 1575 mhz (which is faster than a P4 @ 2.0, and about XP 1900 power). This is pretty damn sad.

I was getting an average of 2-7 FPS on the 2nd and third game tests !!!!!!!!! Is this normal? I installed directX 9.0 (and might have broken compatibility with some games, although all my games are working so far), for *THIS*?????

I get 10,580 on 3dmark 2001 se.

if I DOUBLED my CPU power, that would be about a 3.5 ghz P4 (roughly...remember the P3-S beats a P4 clock for clock easily)...
Assuming the CPU doubling would double my FPS, thats 4-14 FPS ! On a 3.5 ghz P4.

Ok, back to BF1942....I've had enough of this.

I'm so mad that I'm sitting here lagging, uploading this *ahem* benchmark to ALT.BINARIES.MISC newsgroup, in case the mirrors collapse when all the people get home from school/college this afternoon.

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