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Originally posted by NeilY
1147 3DMarks.
XP2100+, Ti4600 (310/700), nForce2, PC2700 DualDDR.

A few of the tests were slideshows... choppity chop.

With the Pro registration, it removed all the ads within 3DMark03, and enabled some of the 'greyed out' buttons. According to the help file:

Features only available in the Pro version of 3DMark03 are:

Full control over the benchmark display configuration, including resolution, colour palette, anti-aliasing and texture filtering.

Professional tools, including image quality analysis and batch run functionality.

Result import to MS Excel tool for easier result management and report creation.

Access to the Pro-Online Result Browser, a must have for all professional system testers and enthusiast overclockers.

Plus, all the 'between tests' graphics say 'Professional Edition' now... Well, I did 'Pro' it for site use, so the Excel feature and other configuration settings will be of great help.

How come my P3-S tualatin @ 1575 mhz and my Ti 4600 is beating your AXP 2100? that shouldn't be happening -_-
But yes, most of the benchmarks are absolute slide shows.

I'm going to run the benchmark again, just to make sure.
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