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Default Re: 7667 issues; black screen/ X windows crashing

So, here I am. I'm running Ubuntu 5.04 and can't seem to get the nvidia 7667 driver to work. Anyway, I had first installed the 7676 driver, which didn't work (when the xorg.conf file was edited (the 'driver' line was what did it), the system would lock up when loading Gnome (black screen; no view of splash screen)). When I edited the driver line back to 'nv', I could then boot up the GUI normally, but no 3d support (3d screensavers would not work). Before it all, the 3d would work, but painfully slow.
Originally Posted by tht00
GeForce FX 5200
I have exact same card and same problem.
If i use unoffical 'nv' driver it works. But offical drivers wont work. X-server wont start and just gives errors. Installations script wont give any errors. Broplems start when booting OS.

I use Ubuntu Breezy
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