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Default Toying with the idea of moving stuff to Linux

Well I've got the Athlon 64 up and running, as I mentioned previously, and pretty much I need another hard drive (getting kinda small), and could use newer RAM. Being a university student, who's financial aid has run out, and being in my last semester at one of the colleges leaves money quite tight however.

Anyhow, giving:

- My mobo that wouldn't work with Linux has been upgraded

- Linux support, though it might still have a ways to go (to have the same level of compatibility one might find with Windows) has come a long way in 5 or so years

- After several years on a computer networking major (and having now taken all the classes that would amount to a Linux certification); I'd feel more confident doing some things today, then I had several years ago

I'm sorta toying with the idea of switching. On the other hand, I haven't seen Longhorn (or Vista now), and might decide to upgrade from XP. Hmm...

Anyhow, I decided to take a look, and see if things could be made to work. As such, I'm pulling the ISO's for slamd64, which is a port of Slackware, but recompiled with x86-64 support

I'm keeping the Windows install on my primary hard drive, though moved my data to it. My secondary hard drive is ready to be formatted so it can dual boot; assuming this mobo doesn't give the same issues with Linux as my nForce 1 board did.

So I figure I'll need to set this up, then grab the nForce Linux drivers for the nForce 3 Ultra chipset, and then the Radeon drivers from ATI's site for my graphics card, and then apply them.

Of course, however one of the first things to test for those of us here (who game that is), is something like for the forseeable future people would still need to be able to run Windows games (and apps, though mostly games) under Linux.

Has someone compiled transgaming before to know if there's anything else I'll need to do after this to get things running? And plz don't say compile GTK+ as I had to do that for a class project so I could install ettercap to test the honey pot I'm making; and I still haven't got around the problems with it (though I did get passed the glib version x detected, but version y present) only to get Pango compilation probs...
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