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Here is a opinion of Hardop


"3DMark03, a DirectX 9 Benchmark?" This is one question that we really must ask ourselves. Game 1 is a very simple DX7 test that is not representative of any current games. Game Tests 2 and 3 are DX8.1 but use Pixel Shader 1.4, which is not used by any games we are aware of and will not be to our knowledge. Game 4 is a hybrid of DX8/DX9. It is these four tests that determine the overall score. Only one game test in this benchmark DirectX 9 and then only partially.

Is 3DMark03 really a good indication of what “Real World” gaming is? Is 3DMark03 really "forward looking"?

With all that we have seen so far it does not appear to actually give us any indication how video cards are going to compare in any real games. It produces an overall 3DMark which is taken from unbalanced game tests. Furthermore as we have seen directly above in the benchmarks, drivers can be optimized to run the game tests faster. The problem is this is just a benchmark and not based on any real world gaming engines. Therefore while you may get a higher 3DMark number you will not see ANY increase in performance in any games that are out there."
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