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Default Re: Toying with the idea of moving stuff to Linux

Well, after messing with this, searching for much of a day around the Internet trying to find an answer, and having asked on a coupla forums; I'm gathering this isn't too much of a go right now. Unless one has the pre-compiled binaries, which in the case of transgaming requires a subscription.

I did get the Slackware binaries to WineHQ installed, however some games, I can neither invoke from my winXP partition or install seperate. On the upside, Solitare from the Windows directory will load.

I suppose for the time being, one (unless they can get the binaries) might need to install a 32-bit Linux. Shame sort of, as

- This x86-64 install is quite fast for what I can do on it. Hell, I've even seen some BOINC WUs (though that's a pre-compiled 32-bit ap) complete in like 10 minutes

- The answer to this would be so easy if one knew what to pass to the compiler. The problem isn't that 32-bit binaries won't work, it's that this program needs to be compiled as one, Slamd64 does include the 32-bit libraries for compiling such apps, but gcc isn't getting the needed info to go use them.

Unfortuantely, as it's a new port, I guess much info isn't out there yet on this... From the end of the devs, the solution would be so easy, even if they didn't want to switch the app to 64-bit (as it'd be supporting win32 apps). Include something in their configuration script, so when the source is being pre-compiled, upon detecting an Athlon 64 with an x86-64 supporting OS, it provides a handling routine to the compiler's pre-processor telling it which headers to link up to, etc...

If the compiler was told what to do (instead of getting "unknown architecture" in the source, it could proceed from there...) In cases where the 32-bit libraries might not also be present (though several Linux 64 distros have included them), there could be a note in the README or install.txt file "you'll need to get packages X, Y, and Z, and do this, then come back..." Athlon 64s won't be going away anytime soon, and should Intel make a move to 64-bit as well at some time...
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