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Default Re: BenQ PE5120 and 854x480


Can you verify that we can use non-divisible-by-8 resolutions in modelines with the latest Nvidia drivers? I am using an FX5200, but I owuld pickup an 6600GT if it supported this.

I also have a projector with a native res of 854x480 (Infocus 4805)but I have a modeline setup for 848x480 because the driver won't accept 854x480



Originally Posted by netllama
The bug report you attached against the 'nv' driver also shows that 854x480 fails to work:
(II) NV(0): Not using mode "854x480/75Hz" (no mode of this name)
(--) NV(0): Virtual size is 1024x576 (pitch 1024)

I'd suggest talking to BenQ at this point, as either their documentation is erroneous, or possibly something is wrong with your projector. Perhaps they can provide you with a modeline for 480P.

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