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Default Re: Quak4 - Quake 4 tuning tool for NVIDIA G70/NV40/NV30 Series GPU's

Quak4 1.0.2b feature (some, not all) list preview
  • Normal Offset mapping (Super Ultra) option
    - This option uses kinda relief mapping approaching with offset mapping (doesn't need extra texture data).
    - Image quality is just awesome and performance much MUCH better than with original relief mapping (by fpo).
    - This is "MUST HAVE" feature - screenshots coming soon.
  • Reconstruct Z vector Mode option
    - Reconstruct Z vector Mode option is for "Reconstruct Normal Z Vector" and "Normal Offset mapping (ultra)" options.
    - This mode is faster in some cases than old mode.
  • Clamp Specular Scale option
    - This option will reduce "the plastic effect" on the models skin (fix).
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