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has ANYONE read my post or am i just being paranoid.

Nvidia didn't pull out because they couldn't handle it, they gave thier reasons here.

the gffx did fine in 2003 here.

in my opinion the futuremark corporation put too much separation between radeon 7000-8500 geforce 4200-4600 series and the GFFX radeon 9000-9700 series. Since GFFX is not available retail yet, it makes anyone who is paying any attention want to buy ATI. I do commend futuremark, however. They did wait this long for the GFFX . It just seems they purposely put out a benchmark that the GF4 series couldn't handle at all. I mean NO SEPARATION between the highest end NV card you can get and the slowest card of a generation older(GF4 Ti4600 and GF3 Ti200)? Again i repeat, WTF!
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