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Its pretty sad, Now they are slamming flight simulators..

I could counter every single one of their arguments, but the outrigth absurdity of these comments is readily apparent to any honest person. What is really sad are all the comments i have read at futuremark message boards about how Nvidia has a point...

Just one small comment from me on this, want to see how decietfull they are? look at their comment about PS 1.4 Vs PS 1.2/1.3

1. They name the only two games in exsistance that use PS 1.3 and call it many games. Completely negleting the PS 1.4 games. Like madden 2003, or even the comming Doom-III you need to ask yourself if PS 1.3 was so great, then why isnt it being used by JC on doom-III??? he only singles out PS 1.4 as well.

Ill tell you why. Becuase Nvidia are a bunch of deciefull LIARS. PS 1.2/1.3 dont affect performance AT ALL. You dont get any performance gain over PS 1.1 which is why is does not make any sense to use them. and nearly no one does. Wheras PS 1.4 is a subset of PS 2.0 and basically Cuts the numer of passes needed to render compaitable scenes by 1/2.

Yet another patently Unethical and decietfull move by Nvidia.
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