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they continue to make excuses on top of lies on top of more excuses... they are digging themselves a grave. i cant belive this is the same nvidia i have used products for the past 3 years... the same nvidia that i was so excited about... i cant even believe my own ears when i say it... but im starting to take a good look at ati now. i cant stand anything or anyone that talks **** and cant back it up. i cant belive i have followed every single announcement from the very beginning when they first announced geforcefx, i waited and waited, they promised the "next big thing" delays, lies, excuses, ****ty product. thank you nvidia... i actually used to like you guys. thank you for making me wait 4 ****ing months on a geforce2mx! the geforcefx was the whole reason i was waiting! im tired of waiting. if i dont hear something from nvidia in the next couple of weeks that isnt b.s., my money goes to ati.
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