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Another example.. becuase it just pisses me off so much that there are people in the world like these slime.

Last years nature demo even in the Nature test only used PS 1.1 even though it came out after the GF4. meaning they never cried at all that their precious PS 1.2/1.3 (that do nothing noteworthy) were not used. Even though the radeon 8500 got completely blown off and not properly supported in any of teh SE benchmarks.

Oh another thing from the last version. how many games have you seen with a woman ridding a dragon and torching a bunch of little guys??? Or how many games have you seen with a Truck driving through a wasteland getting shot by a giant robot with missles???


These comments from Nvidia are completely Infantile. Its to bad non one wil do anything about it, and there are already an army of Nvidia types chanting this very montra at other sites...

Burn the Flight Sims... Burn the Flight sims...
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