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Originally posted by Bigus Dickus
You know, nVidia's points would be considered valid if the hypocrisy wasn't just oozing from every word written. Their past behavior concerning benchmarks makes their claims now completely irrelevant.

for the first time i think i agree with you Biggus.. lol
Nvidia has a few points , sure the use of only PS 1.4
benefit primary the ATI hardware ,hardware optimized
since day 1 ,for that in mind...

if we look at PS1.1/1.3 tests in the old 3dmark..
NVidia wipe the floor of ATI video cards..
but ATI never complained in public the way NVidia
does today...

it doesnt look good Nvidia acting like they
are victims in the industry..
NVidia are the only ones responsible for all this mess...
the gamers will care less about 3dmark ,if at least the GeforceFx
performance in today games is indisputable ..but is not.

the radeon9700pro defeated the GeforceFX by a few FPS
in most games (the benchmarks that Nvidia agree to use)
when using AA+AF to the max..

this is like Boxing..
if you want to take the crown of a indusputable
for many years champion you need to knockout him
or win EVERy round so easily to avoid any mistake by
the judges
about who is the clear winner.

if they want to get the CRown of ATI in
performance they need to release a card (not only killer in technology -like the NV30 is!!!) but killer in AA/AF and
most important killer in SPEED .. not trading back and forth in performace in most benchmarks like it is happening now..

if Nvidia doest believe that with their limited time /or resources
or other problems they cant compete at the top , they still can compete in the price/performance category. just like AMD .

the lack of a 30%-40% faster NV30 (like Nvidia promised)
is the ONLY! problem of Nvidia..

hardcore gamers will not have problem dealing with the dustbuster/with another PCi slot with the lot of heat ,with the a bit inferior AA/AF modes. not IF ,the card were 50% easily more faster than the R300..

and even 3dmark 2003 with all the unfairness and benefits
for ATI ,could be still faster in all test for Nvidia.

but it never happened..

so i really hope that next time NVidia folks
with the NV35?, take the speed crown of ATi , with a devils card ,that wipe the floor of the R300/R350/and competitive with R400 , in every possible
benchmark and unfair test that benefits more ATI hardware.

by the way .. my next card will be the NV35..

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