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Default install success, but slow graphics

I was finally able to build the source. I am not sure why this was but the following happened:
1. I ran up2date, and got the latest kernel.
2. I rebooted, then saw two kernel choices on the boot screen (now I can see my newly installed kernel).
3. I selected the new kernel, and linux stared fine.
4. uname -r yields the new kernel version as expected.
5. I rebooted several times and used my computer for other things.
6. I unsuccessfully tried to build the rpm.
7. Out of the blue, the up2date program warned me again that I needed to install something. It said that I was running the old kernel (I don't know why it said this because everything else said I was already running the new kernel). So I installed the new kernel again, and restarted, then everything worked (i.e. the source built).

I was happy that the driver installed, but immediately disappointed that the performance was noticably worse (dragging windows across the desktop lag a lot). The Nvidia logo appeared upon startup as expected. I am using a Geforce4 TI 4200, but I have the Geforce4 Generic selected. Also the 3d acceleration box is grayed out. My question is: why would the performance be worse (my original driver was "vesa"), and should I be using the "Geforce4 Generic"?
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