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Who is your ISP?

Recently, I couldn't play any online games where the master servers resolved at Id Software in Texas and many websites were not displaying. Drove me nuts. Periodic traces with NeoTrace seemed to indicate that a major MCI router in Texas had gone south.

After 12 hours, I contacted Charter and asked them about it. They told me they'd investigate and call me back but the rep said to try something out of curiosity - use their proxy server. I configured IE to use the proxy and *BAM* all the websites were resolving, including Id Software, proving my stressed router theory.

Still couldn't play RTCW or SOF2 online though.

With your problem, it's possible that a router out there somewhere between your ISPs backbone and NvNews's servers is chugging along and dropping packets. In such a case, it's not uncommong for a webpage to load the majority of the text and context yet choke on flashy ads. Usually, a refresh helps as IE will grab most of the content from its cache and hit the server for anything not didn't load properly.
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