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Default Re: ***Official Dell 2405W & 2005FPW Deals / Feedback Thread***

Hell......I've been NOT looking at this thread, I lost it tonight and read all 41 pages damn me!!!
Been fighting myself for months on weather or not to get a 2405FPW. Its torturing me to no end. I'm afraid after spending the $$ the LCD is going to to have worse I\Q and be slower for gaming than my current CRT, plus I don't want to fart around with config files to get wide-screen resolutions.
But after reading this...seems like my thinking is bullcrap .
Tomorow I'm doing a major upgrade to my #2 machine, this would might be a good time to loose its old 21' Gateway Crystalscan....move this Viewie to #2...and plop a 2405 on my desk///
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